Monthly Archives: May 2016

Out From Under – Joanna Pacitti

Breath you out, breath you in You keep coming back to tell me You’re the one who could have been And my eyes I see it oh so clear It was long ago and far away But it never disappears I try to put it in the past Hold on to myself and so look […]

The Lonely Path

(Credit Feature Photo – The Lonely Path) This is not a feel-good post. This is not the self-pity post either. On the contrary, it seems more like a self-reflection, self-searching one. I know and I am terribly aware of the mistakes I had done in the past that has taken me where I am today, and […]

Flour-less & Sugar Free Banana Pancake

If you know me well, you’d know I’ve the capabality to cook without having exact measurements. I guess that’s just the old school way – when you ask mum the exact amount of curry powder or sugar to be added to the curry chicken, she’ll just say “agak-agak” (estimate). I’ll do the same, most likely […]

Food vs Weight Loss

I’ve just recently added the above to my Instagram profile – because it’s the truth. As far as I can recall myself being conscious about my looks, there was food – heavily involved. To remember, my performance in athletics became worst when I started gaining weight over the holidays, between 15-17 years old. I reached my peak […]

Is it too late for a resolution?

(post was originally written on April 5th) I think my biggest problem is thinking too much. I think about so many things at once and overanalysing it, often letting it run out of context. For one, I often think about how past experiences may affect the future – just because it had happened to me […]