Is it too late for a resolution?

(post was originally written on April 5th)

I think my biggest problem is thinking too much. I think about so many things at once and overanalysing it, often letting it run out of context. For one, I often think about how past experiences may affect the future – just because it had happened to me more than once, I often assume the likelihood of it happening again is extremely high. That’s being a little pessimistic about life, even though I’d like to say that I am a ‘realist’ most of the time. Hmmm…

Something got me thinking as I read The Star newspaper yesterday, while I was back at my parent’s for the weekend to see Daniel. The article was about Ms. Tan starting off 2016 with an ambition of reading 50 books.

I’m not sure if it’s just me overanalysing again, but I felt that I started off 2016 with the same resolution. I remember telling myself that I wanted to get back to reading again. I read considerably last year but I can’t remember exactly how many books. I had even started writing down the books I have read this year (8 books to be exact, working through the 9th now…) and I recently got myself a Kindle to justify my cause. I think I’ve got plenty of Danielle Steele’s collecting dust on my shelf, from the last second-hand bookstore visit. Maybe I should move on to that, after I finish Diana Gabaldon’s…

I’ve just set new mini-goals as well, which I’m not too sure I would be disciplined enough to go through with. I’ve been thinking about getting a diving license for a few years now, but none of my BFFs or Hubby is interested to  be my buddy. So, I’m doing that after I am finished with my MBA. But before that comes, I would like to prep myself for the course by getting back to some exercises, swimming and healthier eating. I’m totally out of shape currently, I don’t think I would make it through the course. Well, we’ll see about that, shall we?

So, just reading Ms. Tan’s article, I think I would make “reading as many books as I can” my 2016 resolution. So let’s start with a safe number: I am to read 30 books by the end of 2016 and if I complete that before year end, I will set smaller targets. And I shall reward myself accordingly after! Handbag? More Ferragamo shoes? Haha! *money, why can’t you just grow in my backyard?*

It’s a little of a struggle doing so while I’m still studying, but if I could squeeze just a few minutes in a day (which is usually me either nodding away or going to bed real late if I just can’t put the book down), I think it’s achievable. What say you?

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