Food vs Weight Loss

I’ve just recently added the above to my Instagram profile – because it’s the truth. As far as I can recall myself being conscious about my looks, there was food – heavily involved. To remember, my performance in athletics became worst when I started gaining weight over the holidays, between 15-17 years old. I reached my peak of 72kgs when I was college, thanks to all freedom and late nights and kueh chap and occasional beers. Somewhere in between I realized I was never going to be a stewardess if I maintained that lifestyle so I started cooking soups and only having vegetables and noodle soups, with minimal or nearly zero exercise.

I was 64 when I went for my cabin crew interview. And even that, I was nearly at the brim of being overweight – according to my company’s standards. I was to maintain between 56-66kgs if I didn’t want to be grounded. When I was a stewardess, I struggled with my hectic schedule and love for aircraft food but I somewhat always managed below the borderline. Pheww. Let’s not start on the numerous dates I had which was usually accompanied with good food.

After I got married, I resigned and went back to university at 23 years old. I also started wearing braces, which for some reason, made me lose a lot of weight. I was 60kgs then – 58 being the lowest about 2 years ago, with occasional exercise and runs. Then I took my braces off – and had Daniel not long after. While trying to induce breastfeeding, I gained a couple of pounds with the added calories I was taking and all those yummy milk supplements for breastfeeding mothers I had to take. And it just went downhill after that.

I am once again 72kgs (last I checked and let’s just hope I’m bloated…) and I told myself that this is it. I need to be really serious and start thinking about weight loss. I feel lethargic and so unhealthy to begin with – but most of all, I hate the fact there are so many clothes I can no longer wear. Yeah, all those Fashion Valet clothes I spend my money on.

Being 72kg and 170cm tall, I’m right there holding my breath at the boundary of being overweight, according to BMI standards. Seriously what was I thinking?!

I had just placed an order for Women’s Best weight loss set. Told myself that this time, as soon as the products arrive, it’s intense work. No more slacking and trying to be cheeky this time. Gosh, my heart falls for the tricks my brain plays on her all the time.

Well, I would really love to continue blogging, but my Indomie is getting cold. Good night folks.


(Ps: My English is not perfect so I hope it can be excused)

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