Flour-less & Sugar Free Banana Pancake

If you know me well, you’d know I’ve the capabality to cook without having exact measurements. I guess that’s just the old school way – when you ask mum the exact amount of curry powder or sugar to be added to the curry chicken, she’ll just say “agak-agak” (estimate). I’ll do the same, most likely tasting my way through it – and I can be very low on salt and sugar.

Today I woke up with an idea on what to do with the four dying bananas in my kitchen. So I made banana pancakes – completely flourless and sugar free.

You must be thinking right now, ‘pancake without flour??’ or ‘no sugar?? Must be eewww!’. On the contrary – very ripe bananas can provide all the sweetness you need!
Here’s the recipe. Just agak-agak the measurements, ok?


– 4 large, very ripe at the brink of dying (Cavendish) bananas

– 2 large XL low cholesterol eggs

– about 1 cup of Quaker Quick Cook Oats

– a ‘baby milk scoop’ of chia seeds


1. Mash bananas.

2. Add eggs and mix well.

3. Add oats and chia seeds, mix well.

4. Heat up skillet/non stick pan with some oil/butter. (I used olive)

5. Scoop about 2-3 tablespoons of batter on the pan.

5. Turn over once brown/firm.

Flourless pancakes don’t bind together very well so the key is to make small pancakes so it wont break apart when flipped. I usually wait until the pancakes no longer stick to the pan before flipping. Checking by moving the pan until the pancake unstick itself. Hahahaha no idea how to explain that.
Daniel liked it, I guess because it’s sweet and drenched in some organic honey. You can also have it with butter, peanut butter, jam or maple syrup!  It’s just another alternative to regular pancakes and if you can’t take gluten, omit the oats. I’m wondering now if you can add cooked quinoa to the recipe. Hmmm…

Oh well, happy trying!

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