Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – HFMD

So we both contracted Hand Food & Mouth Disease. Yay us… Daniel got it first and a day later I did. What I’ve been trying to figure out is WHERE did we get it from. Daniel doesn’t go to a nursery or a baby sitter for that matter. So his pediatrician was quite surprise in […]

Dermapen + PRP Treatment at Klinik Sophia Y, Shah Alam

If you follow me on Instagram, you should know by now that I had just visited Dr.Sophia of Klinik Sophia Y for the famous PRP treatment, or fondly known as the Vampire Facial. I am currently in the pursuit of improving my skin *laughs* and my main concern is actually the scars and pits I have […]


Let’s be Honest – I DO NOT HAVE PERFECT SKIN. If you only knew about the time and money spent, all the effort – you would probably be in disbelieve. I talk about skin care A LOT. I would go on and on if someone asks me to share about the products I used and my […]

Manicai Bee Hoon

Manicai or also known as pucuk manis (cangkuk manis to Sarawakians),  has always been my favorite vegetable. My father had always planted this wherever we live, from Muar to Kuching to Ipoh, so I had an abundance of this to eat whenever I get home. Mani cai is typically fried with egg and eaten with […]

For What Really Matters

Studying Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) this semester, I realised it is a topic that interest me a lot. Truth be told, my (incomplete) thesis was on ethical consumerism but I’m now working on a group consultancy project and that’s the end of it. A large number of people are not in the least concern of consuming […]