For What Really Matters

Studying Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) this semester, I realised it is a topic that interest me a lot. Truth be told, my (incomplete) thesis was on ethical consumerism but I’m now working on a group consultancy project and that’s the end of it.

A large number of people are not in the least concern of consuming ethically. These products often cost more and may need a considerable effort in purchasing – as not every shop or supermarket may stock it. As such, consumers instead choose what’s convenient.

I ‘try’ to consume ethically, but even that I do not do so in all sectors – only shampoo, face & body products, household cleaning agents like floor cleaners and dish washing liquids, certain organic or green food products etc.

Technically, most of my decision to purchase these kind of products stem from the fact that I have sensitive skin and a toddler at home. Certain dishwashing products (like Axion) would cause my fingers to go dry and crack and certain face products would cause me to breakout. As such I tend to keep my face products organic. Biodegradable detergents and cleaners are usually more tender to the skin and safer for babies. Organic or pesticide-free products are better for our bodies.

Recently I had switched to LUSH solid shampoos. What really captured my attention was the fact it could cut consumption of PLASTIC BOTTLES. One solid bar goes a long way! Truth be told, when I started waste segregating at home (putting aside recyclable items into a different bin) I realised that was a hell lot of plastic/glass bottles and paper being thrown away unnecessarily. More often than not, we do not reuse them so it will just end up in a landfill somewhere.

When I started with solid shampoos, not only am I reducing the usage of plastic bottles,  I’m also supporting the company for a lot more activities such as going against animal testing, fair trade and environmental sustainability. I feel, an act is an act no matter how small. (lols…Think Horton)

I’m lucky in a sense that my husband earns considerably well so I would be able to afford some products at a higher price (come on…it’s not that bad) so I could at least do something about consuming ethically – which not only benefits ME but others at home. Daniel can roam around the house freely with us knowing the is being exposed to lesser dangerous chemicals and my  hands (and my brother’s!) are all well when doing the dishes.

To tell you the truth, it annoys the shit out of me when people brag about how much they love LUSH because of their bath bombs, fantastic smelling products and just because it’s a trend. It is in my opinion that what lies behind these companies are what they are really advocating towards society and the environment. If they don’t start now, then who will?

Well, that’s only just my opinion.

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(PS: as my English is not all that great, please excuse any mistakes and do not let the inner grammar Nazi overcome you, thanks!)

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  1. Really interesting read 😃 lush are such a brilliant company for everything they stand for!
    My Lush and Stuff xx


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