Dermapen + PRP Treatment at Klinik Sophia Y, Shah Alam


If you follow me on Instagram, you should know by now that I had just visited Dr.Sophia of Klinik Sophia Y for the famous PRP treatment, or fondly known as the Vampire Facial.

I am currently in the pursuit of improving my skin *laughs* and my main concern is actually the scars and pits I have from previous acne problems, uneven texture and skin tone. I also have a nasty chicken pox scar on my forehead which I detest even more. Of course, there is no need to explain further on how much we hate open pores and any attempt of shrinking it would be grabbed at the quickest opportunity. What more than a rejuvenating treatment!


Stood squinting in the sun so you can see everything

I’ve followed Dr.Sophia for quite sometime now, even before she moved to Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. But I never had the time to visit! It’s a good thing Eid Ul Fitr is just around the corner, it was the one thing that gave me the push to get the famous treatment done.

To start it off, the clinic is pretty easy to find and has ample (payable) parking space. If you are not from around Shah Alam, make sure you have those parking coupons ready. Two hours should be safe.

At Dr.Sophia’s, the PRP treatment is paired with Dermapen. Dermapen is an improved version of micro-needling used by practitioners. As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve done micro-needling in the past but never with PRP. Click HERE if you’d like to watch a Youtube Video on Dermapen.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It’s a method of rejuvenation by utilising your own blood. I’m really not an expert so I’d suggest you watch this video by clicking HERE.  Micro-needling on its own produces great results so imagine pairing it with PRP.


Getting Ready

My treatment took roughly 2 hours. Firstly, they took some of my blood and separated my platelets using a centrifuge machine. At the same time, the nurse double cleansed and scrubed my face, prepping it for the treatment.

Secondly, they’ll start applying some numbing cream. As such, I barely felt any pain at all during the procedure. But let me remind you that my pain threshold is extremely high, as such it might be an entirely different feeling for you. However, I’m highly confident you won’t feel much more than a pinch every now and then.


Yeap! Got poked in the lips too!

Once you are numb, Dr.Sophia will start the treatment. The plasmas will be massaged into your skin before it gets run over by the dermapen. She will then be alternating these two steps until everything is done. Glad she concentrated a little more on the chicken pox scar and the little pits on my cheeks.

After this step, Dr. Sophia gave me a bonus blast of oxygen. Oh, God. How I love oxygen facials… It felt like paradise for a moment there. Soon after that, I had a quick pee and they applied a mask to my face and I just dozed off.


Oxygen Blasts!

To my surprise, it wasn’t very painful and my face did not end up looking very red. For the last few days, I was actually dreading going out after the treatment but now I think I’ll just go out as usual. Apparently there is no pantang as well so it’s perfectly fine to coverup with some light make-up. As soon as I got back I slapped on a thick layer of Nature Republic’s Aloe Gel (popped in the fridge for a minute). I’d probably be putting on a mask tonight as well to reduce the redness and probably go to sleep with a good pat of Three Organics’ Soothe Me Facial Oil. It’s usually what I do after a facial as well.

Obviously I won’t be able to show you before & after pictures just yet as it’s only been a few hours (DUH) but I’d most definitely be updating my blog and posting pictures on Instagram, so please Follow me there too!


See the pits on my cheeks?


After aloe vera gel – redness slightly reduced


Before & After aloe gel


At 9.30pm! I went out like this! *horror*

Seems to become redder by the hour! Slapping on a mask again tonight, hopefully it will reduce faster than usual!

Right now there is a Ramadhan promotion going on until July. For three (3) sessions of Dermapen + PRP, you’ll only be paying RM1100. YES!! RM1100 for THREE BLOODY SESSIONS!!!! That’s really a fantastic offer so tunggu apa lagi, jangan kata mak tak payung!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 6.04.29 PM

[This is NOT a sponsored post. I signed up & paid for all the treatments]

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  1. […] past one year, you would know I am a frequent at Dr.Sophia’s for aesthetic treatments such as Dermapen+PRP, chemical peels and lasers. This is the first time I’m trying out a more extensive facial […]


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