Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – HFMD

So we both contracted Hand Food & Mouth Disease. Yay us… Daniel got it first and a day later I did. What I’ve been trying to figure out is WHERE did we get it from.
Daniel doesn’t go to a nursery or a baby sitter for that matter. So his pediatrician was quite surprise in finding out he had HFMD. Well, us too. Two weeks before we went to a play gym with Maya, my friend Emi’s daughter, but it was kinda too far off from the incubation period. Or maybe it isn’t. But Maya didn’t contract it Alhamdullilah so it might/or not be the place we got it from. Maybe it was the malls or restaurant we went to a week before? Or maybe the airport… Just can’t recall.

Daniel went to Melaka with mum the same day I left for Singapore, which was a Wednesday. He had the fever on Saturday so mum called and said she was worried as he wasn’t eating & drinking so much and she suspected he had a sore throat. This time we totally forgot to pack his birth certificate & doctor’s card to be taken along. We arranged to bring Daniel back on Sunday. I also had a sore, pimple looking spot on my finger on the same day. It appeared after I was mopping the house but I put it off as just me being my usual sensitive self.

Mum called on Sunday when I was in class saying Daniel was starting to have spots and rashes all over his body – and she was getting extremely worried. We sorta suspected it was measles, thought Daniel had already been vaccinated and it’s unlikely he’ll be getting that. Later that evening when he arrived, I was starting to feel unwell and did not have the fever until later that night.

By now, Daniel was no longer feverish but my 1 year old was very irritable & clingy. His rashes & blisters were also very itchy and his scratching was breaking the skin. We applied calamine lotion to lessen the itch but it didn’t work much.


The next morning Dr.Vidya of DEMC, Shah Alam (wonderful paed around here) confirmed it was HFMD but told us as long as Daniel is still eating/drinking well, we need not worry. She suggested we give Daniel ice-cream, jellies & cold drinks to soothe the ulcers. Daniel was also quarantined for 2 weeks to avoid spreading the Cozsackie virus. We were also prescribed Aloclair for the ulcers, which I would highly recommend by the way. I was still unwell & feverish by then but still assuming I was just down with the normal cold.

Until the blisters appeared on my hands & feet the next day. *cries* What appeared to be sore throat were in fact ulcers, thanks. How would I know, right? I just feel pain at the back of my throat that’s all!
I went back to DEMC where they confirmed I had HFMD too and put me under the same precautionary measures. By now, I’ve already purchased everything Dettol and got the house disinfected left right centre. No more fever by then, only a painful throat and horrible blisters that made it extremely hard to walk and use my hands. God knows how Daniel survived. (#likeabawse)

Well, Daniel and I recovered eventually. In about 48 hours of the first painful blisters, the pain was gone. Then my brother had it! His was quite bad though, it was pretty obvious all over his hands. And he got a week off work too. Hahahaha!

It’s been more than two weeks since we were all down with HFMD and right now our skin which were previously covered in blisters are starting to scab and peel off. It’s really horrifying to look at. Grrrrrrr… Our feet looks so gross!

At the end of Week 1, KKM called just to check where did Daniel get infected. When I told him that Daniel doesn’t go to a babysitter or a daycare, he mentioned that they are only worried and want to track cases that might involve a centre as such. Right. Even when I checked with the nurse at the hospital, she said it’s pretty common to get cases everyday but it only becomes a major concern if there are large number of cases at the same time. Right. Well that lowered my guard a little. At one point I was pretty worried because I remembered there used to be deaths associated to this disease. But as Dr.Vidya explained, the real concern starts if your child refuses to eat or drink, is dehydrated or has a prolonged fever.

Apparently hand sanitizers do not work with the virus and only washing hands with soap would – this was what the doctor at the Government hospital told my brother. Take the precautionary measures, guys! It’s now endemic in Malaysia. It may not be entirely dangerous but it sure is troublesome! Take lots of fluids and it’s really a good time to be a germaphob!

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