Tint My Brows Gel by Etude House

Hahaha… Ok this was really weird & funny at the same time. I came across this eyebrow tint by Etude House online. And had been dying to try it out. It was perhaps a month or two before I finally walked past Etude House & decided to buy one. 

Website: JJShop

First of all, this shit costs RM71. No kidding. I found that was a bit costly, for a color thing on my eyebrows. And it isn’t even a Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil to begin with. 

Until I tried it on. 

The tint works like a dye – it leave the skin on the applied area colored for a few days. Not entirely sure how long it would last but the I tested the tint on my hand and two days later it’s still there – and you know how often our hands touches water & soap. 

Website: Etude House

I tried it out last night but was a little worried of how horrible it would look so I left it on for less than an hour. It clearly states in the instructions that it is recommended to be left on for at least 2 hours; the SA at Etude House also told me the same thing. Just worried I’d be looking like Sin Chan or Angry Bird, as depicted on the box! 

There are three colors – Grey Brown, Light Brown & Brown. While I usually use a Dark Brown brow pencil, I chose Gray Brown as it is the closest to my nearly black hair. It would really look weird if I had gone any lighter than my hair color.

No.#3 Grey Brown

English Instructions

As seen above, the 5g product comes in a small tube. From the amount needed for each application, it really seems like it’ll go a long way! With a liquid texture similar to liquid eye liner, the gel is pretty easy to apply with the sharp tip brush. 

I drew the shape a little more than the brows, like I usually would with a pencil. Then what I actually did was to remove the middle inner side of my brows after a few minutes to achieve a more softer finish and not a straight articial line. Love how it ended up looking rather natural once removed. 

First Try

Today I tried applying it again, leaving it on longer this time. What do you think about it now? Better? 

Before (left) Less than an hour (middle) More than 2 hours (right)

(PS: the face is still red from the dermapen+prp treatment I had, so I edited the photo a little with Camera360!) 
I swear the Koreans are just fantastic at creating products that make life easier. I’m a big fan of Korean made skincare products and this is just another fantastic addition to my collection. 

There are already tons of review online so try checking out the photos from other bloggers too. 

Yay to not having to draw eyebrows daily!

  • Price: RM71
  • Size: 5g
  • Brand: Etude House
  • Made in Korea

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