I’ve been wanting to make kimchi for ages and I finally found the red chilli flakes today at Jaya Grocer! Every single time I visit these supermarkets (Village Grocer, Urban Fresh, Cold Storage) the only have the powder; so I’ve been putting this off for ages.

Until today!

I took Honeysuckle Catering’s recipe from Youtube. It seemed to be the easiest and less hassle among all! However, I did make some modifications to Dzung’s recipe according to my liking.


What I did was I actually made a larger portion of the chilli paste because I wanted additional vegetables in my kimchi. I added one medium size Daikon (radish), and a few extra stalks of scallions. Changes I made to my paste:

  1. Added 5-6 more garlic and about 1cm extra ginger.
  2. I used a golden kiwi instead of a pear. Dzung is right. There is just a twist to the flavor when it comes to this.
  3. 1/2 cup of fish sauce
  4. 1/2 cup of rice
  5. 1/2 water added with Japanese stock powder (kelp stock) as I don’t have shrimps (cincalok) at home
  6. 1 tbsp sugar
  7. I did not blend the flakes with the other ingredient. Once everything else was blended, I added the flakes to the paste as I prefer to have a little texture as opposed to a smooth mixture.

I made sure I tried some of the cabbage leaves with the chilli paste to taste if the salt and sugar was enough. Right now I think it could use a bit more sugar but I doubt the husband would like it that way. Let’s see how it goes after fermentation; I might know what to do the next time around.

Initially I thought I made too much paste but after mixing everything up, I kept adding till the whole paste was used! Mum had some with hot rice before I put the kimchi in the mason jar for storage. Let’s see what the husband thinks, shall we?


Mom couldn’t wait! And she doesn’t even like kimchi! ;D

Making your own kimchi is so much more fulfilling than buying them at the store. Try it out! Honeysuckle Catering’s recipe is so simple, you’d be thinking you should have done it sooner!



  1. awal pagi making me hungry TTT-TTT


  2. nurulaisyah · · Reply

    may i know what kind of chili you used and where you buy it?


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