Emotional Malaysians

Why are Malaysians so damn emo about anything and everything? And I mean everything under the sun. They can read/watch/listen to one thing and make it into something huge, unnecessarily.

This one occasion happened over a couple of days ago, when I started posting look-alike photos of me and a couple of celebrities. While I had some really good feedback from a bunch of awesome Malaysians, I had shit from some and got me wondering why would some of them say such random, inappropriate things?! Like, DIDN’T YOUR PARENTS TEACH YOU ANYTHING?

I started posting look-alike photos of some celebrities because PEOPLE KEEP TELLING ME ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. I would go walking at Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh and people asked if I was Neelofa’s sister. Or leave comments on my selfie. Perhaps I should be flattered that people think so, but I also disagree that we have any similarities. Apart from looking like pan Asians, and having moles on our faces – it is not even on the same side.

Then I posted up a comparison photo of myself and Nora Danish. Also because, many people have been saying the same damn thing about us: I look like Nora Danish. If you read the comments from Neelofa’s picture, there are a couple of people who said I look more like Nora then I do of Lady Boss Naelofar.

Here, see for yourself:


Or this part when someone says I should lookup Sarah Hildebrand or Kristin Kreuk. I have never gotten Sarah before but back when Smallville was the one it-thing to watch, I’ve had Kristin Kreuk several times. But that was so so long ago.


While some people left very nice remarks via comments (and even DMs!) on the topic, some just had to get everything out of context. Like totally unrelated. There were also some comments that was just downright rude. To be honest, I was appalled! #partandparcelofapublicInstagramaccount. I found it just random, immature and very crude to be spoken from one Muslim to another.

But, oh well, I am not perfect myself. I say pretty nasty stuff too.




You need to understand the difference between me claiming to look like them and claiming they look like me. You also need to understand that there is a difference when someone says I look like a certain person or when I sendiri perasan nak claim.

I DID NOT CLAIM TO LOOK LIKE ALL OF THEM. What I did say was I looked more like Nora than Neelofa, and I resemble Emma Stone the most. And I get that a lot too. What I’m puzzled is, Emma Stone is NOT EVEN MALAYSIAN. Plus, I hashtag #lookalike in the photos hopefully to steer the topic in the right direction – TO LOOK-ALIKE.



It’s weird how Malaysians love getting emotional over something. The thing is, these posts, don’t in any way,

  1. Cause your bank account to depreciate,
  2. Make you fat, or
  3. gives you STDs.

Unless, of course, if your intentions was to say something nasty, then say goodbye to your pahala.

Anyways, it’s time for bed and beauty sleep is important so I can become more cantik and start claiming to look even more like super celebrities around the world.






  1. Fafa lane · · Reply

    Kebobodohan melampau! Malu im quaterly malay hahaha


  2. ala, like I usually say. Tak Malaysians lah kalau tak emotional all over the place ;P


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