How I Cured Flu, Sinus Infection & Sorethroat with Coconut Oil & Vitamin C

I don’t get sick very often, but if I do, it will be a full blown flu + sinus infection + sorethroat or cough. And I never fail to get really horrible sinusitis which gives me a major, major headache and spirals my mood into you-don’t-want-to-talk-to-me-now.

Just the other day Mum had a sorethroat and when she got well, Dad came over for a visit with a cough. Before you know it, she was coughing too and not long after that I started showing signs of an irritated throat. A few late nights (and walking in the rain) after that, I woke up the next morning with thick, yellowish mucus stuck in my nose & throat.

That morning I decided that this is it. I have a flight tomorrow and I’m sure I will be in pain if I don’t get any better. I decided I was going to try nasal irrigation and I’ve already come across so many good things about it in the past. I checked Dr.Google to figure out the how-tos since I don’t have a neti pot so I settled with my Pyrex measuring cup.

I did two different rinsing that morning – a cup of salt with baking soda and another with coconut oil.

Immediately I felt my sinus clearing up, it was so much easier to discharge my mucus & I could breathe clearly after. No more blocked nose for the entire day!

Whenever I get a flu (or sick for that matter), I will pop up to 3,000mg of Vitamin C. Now, my doctor once told me that can take up to 4,000mg when I get a flu, especially when I have sinusitis and once I recover, he says it’s important for me to maintain 2,000mg everyday as a prevention.

Of course, I don’t because I forget about taking Vitamin C all.the.time. I only start remembering to take it after I actually get sick!

Since the first day of my flu, I swallow 3,000mg of Vit C at intervals – breakfast, lunch, dinner. I take Buffered C by Blackmores.

Now, I won’t credit much of my recovery to nasal rinsing as mentioned above because I only did that the first two days. I went to Singapore and I survived the entire flight with no pain or blockaged. But my impending flu was still causing me discomfort at night and lots of thick, annoying mucus.

That was when I started oil pulling. In the morning, first thing when I wake up, I will swish some coconut oil in my mouth for 15-20 mins. On days where I’m in a rush, I would atleast try to do 10 mins. Surprisingly, it would be really easy to discharge the mucus after. Like really easy, as if it just dislodges itself out and I could just blow my nose with ease.

I take this and another brand I can’t remember

I got sick on the 28th of October. I went to Singapore on 29-30th, got back and started oil pulling on the 31st. Today is the 7th of November and I can safely say I have no more sorethroat or flu or mucus. Zilch.

After 2 days, my mucus went from thick, green slime to yellow. And about 3 days later, it went from yellow to nearly white. I continued to gargle till today and this morning, there was nothing to spit out.

I’m not entirely sure if this would work for everyone, like it did for me. But I do recover quite well from illnesses even without modern medicine. If I get a fever, I take panadols yes. I take Clarinase or Piriton when my flu/block nose/allergies are too bad. But sometimes when I get coughs/sorethroats, I only rely on Difflam/Stepsil lozenges and gargles. Lots of Vitamin C and natural remedies like tumeric + fresh milk + honey.

It’s not that I don’t trust these medicines, it’s just that sometimes, I’d like to try to avoid them. I have this perception that I would like my body to build its strengh so it can fight off illnesses on its own. So far, I’ve managed pretty well. It really depends on you, you’d know your body best if you ask me.

I think I will be oil pulling for a long, long time now. I seemed to have cured my sinusitis, sorethroat and flu with just Vitamin C & coconut oil! I think the oil has done wonders to my teeth too!

If possible, get extra virgin coconut oil, swish it in your mouth like you would with Listerine, spit it out in your toilet bowl (so you won’t clog your sink) once you’re done. See the oil go from clear to cloudy, thick to watery. Ewww…

There are countless benefits of oil-pulling (or ingesting coconut oil) for the body as I’ve come across. Maybe you should give it a shot and see how it works for you. Let me know how it goes.

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