We survived the SCORE Amazonian Race 2017

It’s Chinese New Year! And I’m lucky enough not to have anything to do for the moment so I’m going to blog about the Amazonian Race we participated in earlier this month!

We registered for SCORE Amazonian Race a few months before the actual event, us being a bunch of women so gungho in hurting ourselves by participating in a 5KM obstacle run! This run was the first in Malaysia and is tailor made especially for women. I would say this means it’s a mini and much milder version of the Spartan.


On the 7th of January, we arrived at Sepang Circuit for the race. In my opinion, the registration was poorly managed, paired with late comers, it was quite a nuisance. We came early in order to have ample time to warm-up, drop our belongings and prepare ourselves mentally, but as a result, we were put on hold in the line so the late comers, who were starting before us, could register first!

Let me explain further. Each person can register for a preferred starting time. Starting at 7.00am, runners will be flagged off every 15 minutes. Our flag-off time was suppose to be 7.30am, but we were put on hold because the 7.00am and 7.15am runners who were late had to jump the que to start on time. We were not the only ones annoyed about this and eventually only had about 15 minutes left to dump our belongings and go to the starting line. Perhaps the organiser could consider having separate lines for different start times in the future?


At registration, we submitted our indemnity forms and collected our wrist bands. There was a little fun warm-up and stretching at the starting line and then we were off!

Here’s what we had to go through to be branded Amazonians:

Obstacle No.1: The Beams of Perseverance



This obstacle is pretty straight forward –  you gotta cross the beams without falling into the water. Easier said than done, the beams were kinda shaky (because of the lack of support in between) and some girls did face difficulties. Well, Siti Nurhaliza made it across and I was sure mostly everyone completed this obstacle in a jiffy!

Obstacle 2: The Swing of Faith



This was pretty tough! Lots of people didn’t make it, I didn’t either! I fell into the water: good thing I’m tall, I reached the other end of the trench and didn’t tenggelam in the water like most people did! I actually didn’t see anyone making it to the other side while I was waiting in line, at some point I was wondering if it was designed that way. Perhaps there is a technique to do it but how would I know, right?! Hahahahah! #homemaker

Once I held on to that rope and stood on the bamboo beam over there, I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna make it, it was pretty high up! We waited about 20 minutes for our turn and it was such a pain because Malaysians being Malaysians, they just couldn’t wait and started cutting the que and shoving themselves past the crowd.

A couple of people actually hurt their fingers from holding on to the ropes so if you are considering this event, make sure you get gloves to avoid blister. Amy did some studying beforehand and we couldn’t find gloves to our liking. Instead, we bandaged our hands with Kinesiology tape that we got from Guardian. No one had blisters.

Obstacle 3: Warrior’s Jump



This was a breeze. Wooden beams were arranged at different height from the ground and we had to go over and under it alternately. Pretty easy for me to go over (Hallelujah long legs) but kinda hard to go under! There’s even a few photos of (fat) me trying to nail the obstacle: *kill me now* #pinjambajuhusband

Obstacle 4: The Warpath of Amazons



The kakak-facilitator at this point was very cheerful and full of energy! She nudged everyone on and reminded us to be careful. This was among the easiest too; get over to the other side by getting past the tayar-tayar of many sizes! The only challenging part about this obstacle is the mud and water made it quite slippery.

Obstacle 5: The Walls of Hippolyta



This obstacle had three (or four) different walls and were not all the same in design. A few of them were more challenging and the facilitators kindly pointed out the easier ones to us (which we took of course!). It was a little challenging for some, especially those with shorter legs as they had to move along the wall without falling off. To my surprise, my girlfriends, despite being shorter, had good upper body strength to get pass this obstacle in a breeze!

Obstacle 6: The Hills of Hades



This was tough! The slopes were deep and steep! I had the advantage of long legs but going down was taxing on my back; I could feel it by the time we reached the 6th and 7th hill! Amy, who had just recovered from a knee injury, found it a little taxing on her knees. It was fun though and you most definitely need to work as a team here! #adaorangtukitanaktolongdiabuatbodoh

Obstacle 7: The Burden of Hera



At this stage we had to carry a gunny sack (of sand probably) which supposedly weighs about 10kgs. It obviously wasn’t because my son is about 12kgs and much lighter than that! *eye rolls* Thanks, akak, bagi false hope!

In order to complete this obstacle, pick up the sack at the starting point and walk one round and drop the sack at the finishing point. Easy? Think again. Somewhere in the middle you’d have to cross a small trench and carrying a weight and walking up/down steps hurts the calves!

Obstacle 8: The Net of Zeus




I must admit, I was quite shaken on top this obstacle. It is SUPER high and midway you gotta turn around and go down from the other side, backwards! At least two other persons are climbing on the same side with you, which moves the net about and this makes it a little harder than usual.

Obstacle 9: The Peak of Olympus


Initially before the race, I was kinda sceptical about being able to get over this obstacle. Thank God, this is not a smooth wall but instead it’s more like a ladder with rungs to grab hold to! *alhamdullilah*

I really like the facilitator here because at this point, I was really hoping it would end soon and he was saying “It’s ok! The water station is just over there! *points across the other side*”.

Here are some photos of us taken at this obstacle:

Obstacle 10: The Warrior’s Crawl


This is an open field of barbed wires. You can choose to roll, crawl or drag yourself below it. The facilitator also pointed out the lower and more challenging end from the easier. Of course I took the easiest! #princessmode

Obstacle 11 & 12: The Hero’s Slide




The final obstacle was two in one,  you have to get up that high platform over there and slide down – into DEEP WATER. Deep because it was up to my boobs!

This was the scariest for me I would say because it was really high and while getting up to the platform wasn’t much of a challenge (besides rickety stairs and a few other people getting up there too), it was being on top of the platform that was pretty scary. That’s because you actually need to have guts to jump off at a high point! The abang facilitator was getting annoyed because women were creating drama up there (biasalah women! screaming about in fear) so he started pushing people off the platform!


Amy, Ash and I had a plan to jump off together with Ash in the middle because she is the shortest among us and does not know how to swim. Our plan didn’t quite work because at the top, the facilitator tried to move Ash to the farthest right and she was yelling at him to stop! (as depicted in the photo above hahahahaha!)

I was sitting next to her and waiting for Amy to get in place. Sekali the faci-abang pushed Ash off first, I panicked seeing her going down, I hurriedly jumped off and plunged into cold, cold water! I was actually soaking from head to toe! Can you imagine how deep it was?

Amy and I managed to save Ash after a few seconds of disorientation ourselves! It is much safer than you think. It was terribly fun but I think, the hardest of the lot. A lot of women who did really well at the other obstacles had difficulty clearing this one, must be due to their fear of heights.

Our own photos:

After we cleared the final obstacle, we still had about 500m left to run to the finishing line. I was pretty annoyed because we couldn’t run under arch at the finishing line as all the hakak-hakak sedunia were taking photos right below it! We were given our finisher bracelet and some goodies in a bag after crossing (going around) the line. The organisers prepared an area to wash off all the mud and dirt too!

Overall it was a fantastic experience and one I could never forget! We’ve already planned for more obstacle runs together and hopefully be able to nail the Spartan or Viper challenge in the future! (Ash included… #sonotarunnerthisone) The facilitators were great and the obstacles were safe and secured. Our safety was not compromised.  Well done!

Will definitely join the Amazonian Race if it is held again next year and be sure this time to be more prepared! Including waiting in line, we cleared this 5KM obstacle run in about 1 hour 56 minutes. Next year we gotta start earlier and go faster! Pregnant, confinement or not, will be entering! Hahaha! #goals


Thank you, girls, for being such an amazing team! #Amazonians #TheVolcanoSquad

Website: SCORE Amazonian Race

Price: RM135 (Normal Rate)

Credits: Photo taken from: Amazonian Race and Running Malaysia Magazine

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