Hashtag #duckrehab


You know what has become of our generation when you post an innocent picture on Instagram with a caption and a million people have a million things to say about it. Sometimes, it isn’t very nice.

Having lots of followers on Instagram, you are required to do certain things in a certain way. You’ve got so much of the public’s eye on you that one wrong move, you’re done. It just takes one person to point out the non-obvious, a swarm of people will all of a sudden back up that person. It’s weird how things work these days.

I would like to talk about how I feel about this particularly issue. I know and I am ready to read rude, downgrading, demeaning comments – it’s not like you are not/have not done it already.

You can explain your POV and say a million things but people will just say you are defending yourself. In our society it seems like defending yourself is wrong. The act of explanation to make people understand (because people CAN be stupid sometimes) is seen as a bad thing. That’s why people choose to ignore hateful comments.

I remember the time I decided to remove my hijab and it was as if a battle among Muslims just ensued. Not only I had to deal with my husband, I had to deal with family members, close friends and most of all followers. To this day, my personal decision has not been accepted by many and I still get hate comments etc.

But, oh, well.

Which brings me to this: my decision to go on a #duckrehab. For good.

I watched Vivy’s instastory this morning, only because Aida (@jelita78) mentioned it. And sometimes a lot of things are said in Aida’s captions because, well, they are very long you see? So I dropped by Vivy’s page, one I actually unfollowed months back, (I’ve unfollowed the entire team 😦 ) to listen to what she had to say about the newly launched Pink KL Duck.

To start it off, Vivy was thorough -made sure she checked every single thing (posts, hashtags, Love Vivy) for proof of her saying about the #theswarovskiduck being the only pink colored KL Duck. Kudos to her: she was super thorough.

[Updates: 27th April]

I came across @nurfatinizafirah’s post on Instagram (through Aida @jelita78) on this issue and she had found solid proof that Vivy DID mention that the pink version of KL will be ultimately only in Swarovski because it was meant to be SPECIAL. The post can be seen below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.53.31 AM

Written caption in the pictures says everything – cakap lain, buat lain. Hey, i bought klswarovski too but I have already letgo mine. I want to own the colour and not the bling, yet i still bought it at a hefty rm800 because of that pink colour. Of course I would not have bought it in the first place if I knew that there will be plain pink klduck being released after that. Some of my friend have not even worn their #swarovskiduck  because they wanted to keep it for something special. Pity them. . . In episode 7 Love Vivy season 2, vivy clearly said that she wanted the pink coloured klduck to be special to Miss Universe. Yes, the one sold at rm800 is different because of the swarovski crystal, authenticity seal and bling2 box. But hey, look at what those miss universe get – look closer at the box that kiran gave to other miss universe, it is pink klduck box ! 😱😱😱 . . This morning vivy tried to clarify in her instastory that she made the pink klduck version without swarovski to cater for the duckies request. And the pink klduck it is only released months after kl swarovski then there is no issue. 😒😒 . . I would say that this is just marketing strategy. Wrong move D (vivy) ! We are not stupid people that you could just tell lies. I could not help but to feel the frustration of some of my fellow duckies. Only true loyal duckies will buy overly priced scarf just because of the promise of it being exclusive. The launch of pink klduck is opposite of what their brand image said (vivy) said much earlier with the above pictured proof. They must have planned it ready way before the launch. Even luxury handbags releases a much more fancy bag at hugher price to cater for demand not the other way round…duh..Felt cheated, right? #duckscarves  . . When duck releases the pink one without the blings of course I want it as I love the dusty pink colour and that sole reason I initially bought the swarovski duck b4. But never fool us with stupid excuses. We are not stupid. Pictures tells everything.💅💅💋💋 . . #cakaplainbuatlain  #iboughtswarovskiducktoobutihavealreadyletgomine  #bottomlickersnotinvitedtocomment  #ihavemyrighttosaymythought  #feltcheatedseveraltimesalready

My thought about the issue does not change even after reading the post. 

I don’t find that Duck did anything unforgivable at all for making business decisions like this – releasing the pink version of KL Duck after some people had spent RM800 on the Swarovski version: thinking that is the only version available in pink. But as a Duckie, I would have gotten the Pink KL if it was released at the same time, or if it was made known to be released in the future.

This is the very reason why I chose to get Donut’s KL instead as it was the only one available in the same pink! I don’t, in a sense, feel that Duck has made an ultimate betrayal to ME: one would know that Duck has one of the best marketings on earth and we always let ourselves fall for it. But I believe Duckies have all their rights to feel betrayed – about the released but mostly about what Vivy had to say that morning on her instastory.

But this isn’t the reason why I made the decision to leave Duck for good. I know Vivy must have been offended (or pretty angry at that) because some people had come out with the hastag #duckrehab #slamduck (including me) and made statements like they are ‘done’ with Duck. But, dear Vivy, (as you might be reading this), you can’t stop them from making these ‘consumer’ decisions. A lot has been happening lately that has even made me decided that it is time to stop.

Now, when I read Ema’s (@emaizati) post last night, favouritism towards certain #duckies and freebies to the famous ones, took me slightly by surprise. I’m not entirely sure how some Duckies (who post about Duck on a daily basis or have tons load of followers) had gotten hold of the scarves, LE or PB. But I sure do hope they had to battle just like everyone else. 😦

Of course, it goes without saying, that this is purely advertising. Duck needs this too so they gift scarves to ‘famous’ people so they may help boost Duck’s presence on earth. Nothing wrong with that. Duck has given me one as a gift, remember the satin lapis lazuli? Yes. That was a gift and of course you might need to return the gesture by posting something nice about it. Which I did and I did not like the color nor the material, so I gave it away through a contest. No doubt, it was purely business for Duck and content for me, but if Duck had intended in anyway to value their loyal customers and at the same time benefit from it, they could have at least let me choose a PB that I would keep and wear frequently. Just an opinion, Vivy. But this is NOT the reason why I decided to go on a rehab.

I decided to stop when the Donutscarves issue surfaced. And it all started from Fadza’s post about it (maybe Fadza is reading this too but I hope you’ll take it lightly, because I am just one in your million fans).

But before I go on, I would like everyone to just read through this post and take it in like it doesn’t matter to you. This is something I felt was MY decision to make and it should not be something that affect you, be it positively or negatively. Plus, I don’t want this to fuel your decision to take a rehab, bash Donut or whatever you like to do when it comes to saying nasty shit on Instagram. I only urge you to read, understand and accept that another person may have a different perspective compared to yours. There is no need to tell me to ‘go die’, ‘go put on your hijab’, ‘stop talking as you are not wearing a hijab’, ‘you should be ashamed’ etc. No pahala nor money is coming your way for saying nasty stuff.

This is purely just my opinion on the issue and I want you to get this straight. I’m not trying to get anyone to leave Duck, this is only MY DECISION.

I was very proud of what Vivy and Fadza had achieved with Fashionvalet – because they are young and down to earth. As I’m was/am in a business as well, I was fascinated at how this couple could handle such an empire and at a very young age. Given the fact they come from a slightly more privileged background that mine, they are smart-ass-kicking humans that would make everyone in my generation proud. And the fact that they had a vision so great, I was more than ready to jump on the bandwagon in supporting them.

But then one day, Fadza posted a rant on his Instagram page. At first, I did not notice. Until a couple of girls started bashing @donutscarves in one of my post and I still didn’t get it, until I read what Fadza had to say:

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.22.17 AM

March 6 post from @fadzaanuar

Recently I’ve been getting more and more messages from people about a scarf brand complaining about them copying @theduckgroup and even more worrying is that there are people who assume that they are our “cheaper” line. I want to first make it clear that we have NO connection to them. Secondly, it does make me furious to see them blatantly copy everything @theduckgroup does. We’ve had other brands copy a few things from our brand but they eventually evolve into their own and we are happy for them. It is impossible to not have overlaps in fashion. We thought this particular brand would be the same, but they have copied us from the hem, to the prints, to the box and bag designs, to the scarf bag, to the board menu and even down to the branding and the flatlays we do. All I will say is that every brand sets its own standards and it’s clear to everyone where that bar is for them. @theduckgroup will just have to keep innovating and pushing ourselves to maintain a high bar. I don’t want our team to be distracted by copycats and keep focused on originality and exclusivity. Our customers are the only ones we have to keep happy and when you buy a brand’s product, you are endorsing what that brand stands for. You know @theduckgroup brand and I hope you are proud of it. #sorryforthelongrant

Of course, I had my own opinion about it and boy did I get some nasty replies.

My opinion on this issue was that I wished Fadza could have made this ‘announcement’ differently. I see him (and those at FV and Duck) and people who handled crisis so well and I understand as you are frustrated someone has tried to copy you, albeit the minute differences. But you are the CEO of such a big company that get funded by other even bigger companies and to actually see you rant like this, made me lose hope. Of course, in defence, Fadza replied my comment and said he did not mention Donutscarves, but truth is, you did. You chose to post the photo of a conversation on the group and that in itself is ‘putting them out there’.

I know Vivy mentioned in her instastory this morning that no one has even intended to put down the other. But to tell you the truth, this was obviously more than just trying to make a statement that both brands are unrelated. You could have instead just made a public announcement that Duck has no ‘sister’ company or isn’t associated to ANYONE except FV and you’ll get the point across. People would get the gist, but then again this is just my opinion.

Of course, how people react is always out of our (and your) hands. Perhaps they had not intended to create such a ‘hate base’ for Donut just by pointing out the issue, but that was what resulted from the post. People started saying horrible, hateful things on that post, on Donut’s page, on my page, on Donut fans, their families, father, mother, grandmother, UNBORN CHILD etc. This came from both Duckies AND Donutellas – which was just horrid if you asked me.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 9.37.46 AM.png

March 3 post from @leemishael

Didn’t think my buying rights and decisions as a consumer would ensue tongue lashing with foul language to boot. Worse, the comments I read on Donut’s page and Fadza’s post came from Muslims, who WORE THE HIJAB.

I understand how as humans, we all make mistakes. Vivy is right – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. But this is what had become of Duckies – which brings me to my second reason: I no longer wanted to be associated with a bunch of girls like this.

I have met so many wonderful people through Duck; so many new friends. And I’m glad we met through mutual interest for something so beautiful. So Vivy was right about the brand being all about friendship, womanhood, togetherness, discovery. But lately, I have discovered that Duckies are all about hate: hate when the website crash (yet the come back and next time we see them complaining again), hatred for resellers, resellers hating customers, hatred for anyone who gets hold of an LE that the can’t have, hatred for the FV team, hatred for Duck team – you name it!

And all these people bashing, hating Donut, do you EVEN HAVE DUCKS for heaven’s sake?

I decided that I had enough off all this negativity. I already had enough in my life: from Youtube to Instagram. And I no longer wanted to be associated with Duckies like the above and I felt that the brand had slowly reached a point where they only associate themselves as being the best for everyone and we are gonna ‘kick you out’ if you support brands that ‘plagiarise’ us.

I guess my decision to get the Pink KL from Donut opened my eyes – while I loved the Pink Swarovski, I just could not spend RM800 on getting it. And if Duck had in anyway mentioned they were releasing the Pink KL, I would have gotten it in a heartbeat.

Twist of events has changed my interest and love for Duck. Price increased, it was getting harder to get them off the website and buying them from stores. Perhaps, I am also fuelled by the fact that I no longer wear the headscarf on a daily basis, so I don’t need the scarf anymore. It’s just another shawl I wear around my neck.

I’ve tried Donut since the beginning – which wasn’t impressive at all. But they had changed in quality, packaging and ideas and today, has improved so much! They are NOT 100% similar, you should credit that despite having some similarities, they did have SOME EFFORT put into their originality. They came out with a beautiful, affordable pink and I grabbed it. It may not be up to your par, but it will do. They saw the opportunity in providing consumers an alternative to what they cannot have and they simply cannot be blamed for that.

[Updates 27th April: As of reading @nurfatinizafirah’s post, I’m starting to wonder if Duck had deliberately made this change in decision to release a version of Pink KL because they saw the opportunity in generating profit from it – as Donut had sold out within a short period of time AND sparked the issue leading to Fadza’s post – this is just a speculation.]

But truly, I am just disappointed with PEOPLE. Even when I took off the hijab, some DM-ed to asked if I was planning to let go any of my LEs. I’m not letting go all of my pieces, yet, but I doubt I will be buying any new ones – except maybe their snowcaps.

I am grateful and I thank you, Vivy and team, for coming up with Duck: I have met amazing people (despite the hateful lot) and learnt a lot from some. I appreciate the 2-year journey and I still love your inners. Can’t get rid of that one!

Once again, this is just purely my own opinion that you are allowed to disagree with – but do not leave hateful comments, thanks.

Love, #exduckie.

PS: As always, my English isn’t perfect so please excuseeeeee me.


  1. Love to read your thoughts Michelle. Your writing is so good! I wear the hijab but I don’t own any duck 🙂 Btw, your english is perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Min ❤️


  2. My thoughts on the duck LE commotion is why the rude and hateful comments. Duckbattle is too much for me. I never bothered joining and staying up late. But I did battle like 2 or 3 times when the release fell on holidays. The battle makes it ugly – people stayed up, late for work, curi tulang to battle and even upah some rempit to go queue up for a scarf. And worst when I read comments the next morning, some tegar duckies kept on commenting and replying comments through the night. Tak kerja ke apa hari esok? I just dont get it. Kalau tak dpt tu meaning bukan rezeki lah kan. Kinda unhealthy dont u think?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unhealthy yes. I beratur twice and couldnt be bothered after. Tried several times online but it’s too frustrating. But REMPIT? WOW.


  3. Hajar Diyana · · Reply

    I do agree about being cheated yet i dont support plagiarism. After all donut is improved on its own originality, i hope they can be more successful with their own identity! Donut sounds yummy anyway 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Syarifah nur fateha Tuan ali · · Reply

    Agreed with u… Duck battle so hard… Paling frust bila beli extra n letgo at the same time… Just bought for ur own pls… Then tak payah nak up price… Other brand, not so hard like this

    Liked by 1 person

  5. britney spears · · Reply

    I have friends who blocked me on ig after I posted photos of my donut scarves. sacrifing friendship for the sake of duck? wow. i admit it hurts me a lot. i bought these donuts with my own money not theirs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m very sorry to hear that you have to go through this. It’s a very petty issue indeed, ‘unfriend’ a person over her choice of a brand. I get bombarded sometimes by followers/non-followers on Instagram. Kinda annoying sometimes. It’s like people have nothing else to do.


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