Unicorn Facial

When Dr. Sophia called me the other day to ask if I wanted to try out her new facial treatment, I.WAS.ALL.IN.FOR.IT. I just has a surgery the week before and really needed a pick-me-up after being all dull for the past week!

Klinik Dr. Sophia Y is located at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. If you’ve been following me for the past one year, you would know I am a frequent at Dr.Sophia’s for aesthetic treatments such as Dermapen+PRP, chemical peels and lasers. This was the first time I’m trying out a more extensive facial treatment here, as most of my facials are done at Herbaline.

Dr. Sophia’s new facial is called Magical Unicorn Anti-Oxidant Facial (MUAO). Now, I’m all for anti-oxidants, I even put on anti-oxidant masks every now and then. Anti-oxidants are great for the skin as it protects from free radicals, reduces dullness, encourages healthy skin and reduces the signs of premature ageing. So, of course, I’m in!

Dr. Sophia’s new facial boasts benefits such as whitening and glowing skin (penting!), anti-acne, skin rejuvenation (penting jugak), anti-aging (paling PENTING!).


What is the difference of this facial from others?

This is not just a normal facial because it comes with a lot of extras such as a special serum and mist, as well as the usage of several  machines to enhance the benefits even more!

There are plenty of good ingredients in the serum and facial mist that is beneficial to our skin such as Vitamin C (10%), rose water extract, glutathione and willow bark. On top of that, a nano-dermapen is used to help the serum and ingredients penetrate into the skin and a iontophoresis machine is used to help the skin absorbed the serum better. I was given an extra oxygen boost too (I’m not too sure if this comes with the usual facial) but oxygen facials IS.DABOMB.


Pink! And sparkly! I feel like a unicorn!

Nano Dermapen?

If you remember my post for Dermapen-PRP treatment, the downtime takes a couple of days. You would be red as a lobster and it would be really embarrassing to go out. But with nano-dermapen, the effects are soooooooo mild that even my sensitive skin was not red after the facial! Another plus point to look out for!

The nano-dermapen works the same way as the regular dermapen would – only that the needles are nano small – it pokes small holes on your face to help with skin renewal and collagen production (because small wounds would heal itself) and helps serums or products penetrate deeper into the skin layer, reaping additional benefits and higher results.


Facial Process

When I arrived, I was immediately ushered upstairs to their facial room where one of Dr. Sophia’s staff gave me a basic facial – cleansing and a good scrub.


Cleanse and scrub

Then Dr. Sophia started my treatment. First she gave my face a wipe down with some alcohol – as a dermapen is still used and this is an important step for aesthetic treatments.

The special MUAO serum is applied while the nano-dermapen runs over my skin. There is no pain, just mild pressure especially on the bony areas like your forehead and cheekbones. After that, she rolled the iontophoresis machine a couple of times to further enhance the absorption of nutrients. This is a very common machine that most facial spas use. She finished it with an oxygen mist.

Once that was done, her staff came back to apply a thick layer of MUAO mask. It was cold and so refreshing! I had some time to relax while the mask did its job. I love how oxygen facials give an extra boost and plumpness to the skin. Previously I’ve also experienced reduction in sensitiveness after every session. If you ever have the money to spend, oxygen facials are great before events and functions, or your wedding!

If you take a closer look, you can see that the serums have sparkles in it! One of the reasons why it’s called a Unicorm Facial!


Unicorns are mystic creatures that are always depicted as beautiful and mysterious, almost Godly. It’s colourful and often rainbow-like! We know children simply love unicorns and some would even color their hair to the shades of the rainbow!

The facial was finished with the special MUAO facial mists (which also had sparkles!), moisturiser and sunblock. Can you see the sparkles on my blouse?


After Effect

You can expect to look like you had a great pick-me-up, like you’re in a bubble of happiness or just came back from a holiday at the end of the rainbow where you found a pot of leprechaun gold. You’ll be glowing, like you had enough rest for the past one year and a very good eye cream. Dr. Sophia said this facial is great for rejuvenation and a glowing-look, so I would highly recommend this facial is you are going for a big big event soon! It really perks you up and would even make dull Jack a very bright boy.

Below are some before/after photos I took before I went to the clinic and a day after. I felt refreshed, and my overall look brightened a little. My eye bags and dark under eyes seemed to have reduced a wee bit. I also had less redness in some areas I was usually sensitive. And if you noticed, NO DOWNTIME LIKE regular dermapen treatment! Plus point!


It was really refreshing and was what I really needed. Thank you Dr. Sophia for introducing this new treatment to me! If you’d like to visit, check out their Instagram page for the most updated of information.


Someone is buyong-ing again!

  • Address: 42, Jalan Zirkon 7f/F, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Phone: +60 17-324 2801
  • Instagram: @klinik.dr.sophia.y


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