A Trip Down The Melaka River

Wait, to be honest, wasn’t quite sure if it was up or down. But since we went one way and then back the same way, I supposed one of it was down….

I wanted to take Daniel and my parents on the river cruise since forever. We are technically semi-Malaccans (my parents are living permanently here) but we have never even decided to go on the cruise! Locals often take tourist attractions for granted because we assume we have plenty of time to do so later. I can say I am from Kuching but even I don’t know Kuching fully…


Taman Rempah Jetty, Ticket Counter


Taman Rempah Jetty starting point

Anyway, we took the cruise that started from Taman Rempah Jetty – because there was ample parking. There is another starting point at Muara Jetty (near Jonker and Stadthuys) that is near the main tourist spots but a little harder to park your car. While we thought we would be the only ones on the cruise, we were wrong. A couple of minutes later a bus of Chinese tourist arrived. They were boisterous and annoying and we could not hear a single thing from the recorded commentary!

The trip took roughly about 40 minutes for a round trip to and fro. The recorded commentary is only played on one leg, which is the trip from Taman Rempah Jetty to Muara Jetty, the end where it turns back to the starting point. If you are taking the cruise from Muara Jetty, they will only play the recorded commentary on the trip back to base. The other leg will just be music.

Along the jetty you would be able to admire mural paintings on historical buildings, some very beautiful refurbished old houses, restaurants along the side of the river banks, runners, tourists and some beautiful history (if we could hear it in the first place).

While the cruise is available from 9.00am to 11.30pm, there are two sides to it. In the day, you would be able to enjoy the full splendour of architecture and art. At night, you would be taken way by the display of lights. We arrived at the jetty at about 6.00pm, and by the time we completed the trip, it was already sundown. Best of both worlds!

Here are some of the gorgeous view from the trip:



Taman Rempah Jetty


Kampung Morten Bridge. The Kampung is gorgeous at dusk! You can also visit and eat nasi lemak!


See the wet floor? Best to use something anti-slip and NO HEELS.


Murals on the building at sundown




Siapa punya rumah lah ni! Cantiknye!



The Bebe…


Chinese tourist getting off halfway on the return leg




Dream to stay here!


Retis pose.


Mummy & Daddy. And cute Cina boy


Old shoplots




Bebe not impressed


Loud tourists…

This is the official website for the Melaka River Cruise but you won’t be getting much information from here, apart from ticket prices. We payed RM10.60 for each Adult MYKAD holder, RM7.50 for each Senior Citizen and RM5.30 for Daniel. Please don’t forget your MYKAD as you don’t want to be paying Foreigner fees!

This website would be a much better alternative to information, location, tickets and recommendation.

TIP: Do be careful when you are sitting at the end on the boat – water tends to splash especially when you are passing another boat and the ripples left it starts hitting yours. Wear non-slip slippers as the floor tends to get wet too.

Enjoy your cruise!

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  1. The beautiful house with glass sidings belong to a family who lets each floor out for tourists for short term stay..i have stayed here after finding them on AirBnB! Very nice place and owner.


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