How to Thicken Your Uterine Lining – NATURALLY!

Before I get to the point, let me tell you my story.

You should know by now (especially if you are TTC-ing) that good uterine lining is an ideal home for your baby to implant. And if you are just like me, achieving this can be quite challenging.

Uterine lining, or endometrium, is a layer inside your uterus that’s rich in blood and would eventually expand in size to form the placenta. When implantation does not occur, the lining sheds and a lady has her menstruation. An ideal endometrium thickness is needed for pregnancy to be successful.

Growing up, my period usually lasted 4 days (heavy) and 3 days of light brown spotting. For the past two years, I would only have 2 heavy days and spotting till about a week. This was the first indication that got me suspecting something was not right.

When I went to see the specialist – Dr.Mohan of Hospital Wanita Metro – earlier this year, one of the questions he asked me was about my period. Later, I found out that I had PCOS – polycystic ovaries, where on a scan, numerous eggs were found but many or none was growing to maturity. I was not ovulating. This finding also explained why my periods were light – eggs and uterine lining grew hand in hand. If your hormones and reproductive system is normal, your eggs will grow to maturity and at the same time, an ideal uterine thickness preparing for implantation and pregnancy. More (and photos) on uterine lining : WEBSITE.

He prescribed Clomid. I had been taking Clomid since the beginning (TTC in 2013-2014) and I was aware of some of the side affects caused by this medication. Before I had PCOS, I responded very well to it – just Clomid alone would give me 4-5 eggs of good size. After I had PCOS, despite Clomid + FSH injections, I would only have 1-2 eggs or no response at all! But, that’s fixed. I had a laparoscopy in May and ovaries are back to work in full swing! No longer polycystic, though I was told that it would come back eventually.

Some of the common side effects of Clomid  include hot flashes, mood swings, abdominal discomfort, bloating, nausea AND thinning of the uterine lining. How grand is that??! The one thing that would help stimulate egg growth, would thin the lining instead of doing the complete opposite! Sometimes I think God is playing tricks on me! And right when you think that’s the worst thing Clomid can do to you, it also REDUCES cervical mucus (CM) – and ideal CM would help swimmies make way to the egg for insemination! JESUS CHRIST!

NOW on to the point…

As I’m quite sure we would be TTC-ing this year and taking Clomid continuously for a couple of months, I had to find ways to thicken my uterine lining naturally. I found and tested some remedies and I am here to share!

Pomegranate Juice 

I came across this remedy rather by accident. Since I also found that my body’s inflammation level is above average (like I don’t have enough problems to think about…) I have been taking pom juice EVERYDAY for its high anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant content. The month we started TTC again, I had been taking pom juice consistently. My uterine lining was more than 9mm!

Try to take 100% pure or organic pomegranate juice with no added preservatives or sugar. PCOS is also linked to high inflammation, so added sugar content is not going to help you at all.

I usually take about 250ml (a glass) of pom juice everyday, in the morning with breakfast, sometimes twice a day. While I have read some who drank about 600ml a day only between CD1-14, I have had this every day for a month. I’m certain since it’s a natural fruit, it should be safe for consumption even throughout pregnancy.

I also realised that when I stopped drinking pom juice (last month), my uterine lining measured only 7mm. Dr was quite concern. When TTC-ing, aim for 8mm and above.

Red Raspberry Leaf

This is entirely new to me. While I’ve done various research on how to improve fertility naturally, I have never tried RLT until this cycle. RLT is a natural uterine tonic and is also frequently taken in the late third trimester before delivery. It is high in vitamin and minerals and its benefits include encouraging breast milk, toning uterus after birth and is a natural remedy for diarrhoea and inflammation.

When I read this blog on RLT, it really worked for her so I decided to give it a shot! As it is a natural uterine tonic and can lead to contractions, it is recommended that you only take RLT tea from CD1-13 and avoided during the TWW (two week wait).

This cycle, I ordered the tea late and by the time it arrived, it was CD4 when I started to drink it. I had two huge glasses, about 400ml each glass for the past 8-9 days (2 bags steep in a teapot). Today I came in for my CD13 scan and my lining was 9mm!

In comparison to last month when I took 50mg of Clomid twice a day and no pom juice or RLT tea, my lining was 7mm. This cycle my Clomid has been reduced to 50mg once a day and with the help of these two natural remedies, the thickness was 9mm! Thank you Lord! If I don’t get pregnant this cycle, I will most definitely start CD1 & up the amount so we will be primed ready for IUI! (Yay!) 

I purchased my Organic Red Raspberry Tea Leaf from HERE – RM24 for 20 bags. It contains a mixture of several leaves + fruit and tastes pleasantly of berries. Caffeine FREE.

Anything else?

Jessi also swears that daily intake of Vitamin E and B helped with her lining. I take these on a regular basis (especially Vitamin B and Folic Acid) but never quite regular with Vit E. This cycle, I also included one capsule of Blackmores Vit E. Not entirely sure if this benefited my lining as well but it is great for fertility, so incorporating it into your diet would benefit you one way or another.

Have you tried and tested any natural remedies yourself? Do share what had worked for you in the past in the comments section!

Still TTC-ing,






  1. Hi mihelle,
    I was diagnosed with PCOS last month. And my period cycle exactly like you.. 2 days heavy periods and continue with spotting only 😔.. I also were diagnosed with cyst 3.6 cm.. doctor prescribed me with Diane-35.. for 3 months until the next check up.. but after googling about the pills.. there are way more -ve feedback on it esp on blood cloting etc.. fyi im still single 😂


    1. Hi Rara! It’s great that you’re single – you atleast have time on your hands! Plenty of opportunities to recover – nutrition & exercise. Have you tried getting a second opinion on Diane-35? If you don’t feel like taking it, you can always get a second opinion. Good luck!


  2. Nur Mahirah Abdul Wahid · · Reply


    I have PCOS too *hugs*.

    But may for the pomegranate juice, where did you get the juice daily?

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi babe! It’s so tough isnt it? Just keep holding on! I buy em from the supermarket. Either from Jaya Grocer or Village Grocer, usually in the organic section. Buy the tart ones, it’s more concerntrated and pure. Or Raush brand is also good. Not Dimes etc it’s usually so cair!


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