The last time I actually wrote a proper post, it was January.

A lot has happened since then, I think I’ve also transitioned into a very different place from where I was in 2017. Twenty eighteen is coming to an end, you guys, Daniel is turning 4 next year, I am turning 30 and I’m moving into an entirely difference stage in my life, and probably going to make a life-changing decision soon.

Twenty Eighteen has been great for me, despite the weight gain (haha what’s new), the occasional depression and random loneliness. I spent 2018 with lesser expectations than I did in 2017 – it was a full year of actively TTC-ing and it was hard, cruel and it did terrible things to my mind and body. Five hard years of TTC has really changed me.

In 2018 I saw my investment in my business, Young Living take off. I went from Distributor to a Silver Leader in a matter of months, I lead a team of likeminded women, I met so many people from all walks of like and with all kinds of characters. I made new friends, I lost some, I learned how to deal with people who can think and do the worse of things because they hate you. I’ve achieved my goals, I’ve made my parent’s life a little more comfortable and I could finally buy things without asking my husband to fork out the money for it. It was amazing what Young Living has done for me. It’s made me an entirely different person. RIP Gary Young you are forever blessed.

I’ve also decided, as 2018 comes to an end, that it is time for me to take charge of my life, my health, my mind. It’s time to love me. Daniel deserves a happy mom.

Don’t I deserve it too after all this while?

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