Skydive Australia – Rockingham

One of the items on my bucket list was skydiving. For years. I wanted so much to challenge myself and do something I’m absolutely petrified about but at the same time I wanted so much for someone to share that experience with me.

Nasib baik ada Amy #nasibbaikadaamy.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-03 at 21.38.52

The view once u past the clouds is just *cries tears of joy*

While I’ve known her for years, I only just found out recently that we share so many similar interests and goals. Which includes the need for the occasional chayen/teh tarik/breakfast sessions or else you’d be experiencing our wrath first hand. Or my wrath at least.

While our ACTUAL reason to visit Perth in November 2018 was for Sam Smith, we actually ended up skydiving too. Because, where else is there to dive kalau bukan Australia! #thereisnothinglikeaustralia

To he honest, sitting down typing this, I had already forgotten half the important things I was meant tell you. What’s left is actually this dreamy feeling inside of me that reminds me of how I felt after the dive – liberating, free, independence and some other things I can’t quite describe. I already found out about my imminent divorce at that time (this is an entire different story, guys…..) and while I was slowly dying inside, the dive was life changing.

First of all, I am not quite afraid nor totally oblivious to height. I do get the occasional tummy rumble when looking down from a high spot, but I’m not entirely all weak knees either. But I do know I do not like to be lifted off and suspended midair. That is, when my feet is not firmly planted on the ground. This also explains my lack of interest when it comes to rollercoasters and theme parks in general. It is however, in my bucket list and Amy swears that the only way to actually leave a lasting impact is to go for the most badass rollercoaster of all – wherever that is. Yay.

Bungee jumping IS in the list too incase you were wondering…

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-03 at 21.47.23-4

With my dive instructor, Derrick

So. If I’m not mistaken, we booked our dive about a week before we left for Perth from their website. We booked on a WEEKDAY as it was slightly cheaper than weekends- $299 onwards. My aunt suggested we do Rockingham (there are several in Perth) because my cousin dived there couple of years back and also because she wanted to take my mom, Daniel and another aunt along to the beach as well to witness our dive! So it was planned as such that we would take a drive there in the morning and they would all be waiting at the landing zone.

Of course, kalau dah jauh ni pi terjun kapal we might as well take dive paling tinggi kan? Yep. 15,000ft that is. Why do things halfway, betul tak? It may be once in a lifetime opportunity so go for the best experience!

I wish I could remember better. We paid $330 roughly (including photos and videos) and I kinda can’t remember exactly how much we paid to add insurance. I think it was somewhere around $30? Yes, beli. Your regular insurance in Malaysia won’t cover extreme sports so if anything happen, inalillahwainnailaihirajii’un…

There are actually shuttle services but wee hours in the morning. We took a later jump because we were driving all the way from the city. However, a windy day was expected so they requested us to come in earlier as they were pushing everything forward before noonday.

Skydive Australia Rockingham’s office is just opposite Dome so it isn’t really hard to find. There were some forms to fill (online too) and then you’ll be taken to the corner where you wait for the crew to give some instructions and briefing on things to do/don’t do and what to expect. You are then asked to put on these yellow sweater and pants. Now the jumpers are clean and it doesn’t stink of people who haven’t had a decent bath in years but if you are uncomfortable, wear your own jumper and pants. I suppose it’s because the air is quite cold up there but it could be different on a hot summer day.

Once everyone was ready, we were driven to the landing spot. There, we waited for the dive instructor to arrive – they were actually landing from a previous dive! It was so cool, we actually got to witness the group that went before us – sambil tu heart rate slowly going up, tummy doing flips and all.

I wasn’t nervous to be honest. I was totally anticipating it and my usual self is telling me not to screw up because, you know, we gotta make sure we land in style and look pretty… The instructors then swiftly suit us up, briefed us a little and try to calm some last minute jitters.

The trip from the landing spot to the airstrip was quite a distance that I actually dozed off a couple of times. It was a small plane that fit 10 of us just right and it was rather rickety and bare looking at the same time.

By the time we left the transport van, everything else happened so quickly I actually can’t remember how exactly it all went.

All I could remember was we took turns getting on the plane with our instructors stuck firmly behind our buttocks and the plane took off. A million things were triggered in my mind at this point INCLUDING the shit I would be going through when I get back home to why were there no kangaroos in sight.

Before you know it, we were jumping off one by one.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-03 at 21.47.23-5

And the rest was just pure adrenaline rush.

Free fall was for about 60 seconds before the parachute was opened then you’re just enjoying the view for a few minutes (all in all just under 10 minutes) but the entire experience was definitely better than sex.

And purely addictive. Wish I could describe it all better but here’s a 1-minute video I potong from the actual video recorded. Check out all the lemaks in my pipi!


I apologise for not being very helpful and my brains are fried. But if need be, gimme a buzz and I’ll answer your questions. I highly recommend Skydive Australia and if you are in Perth, do Rockingham. The view is spectacular, one could actually shed tears. I even had a nice chat with the instructor on what’s this thats.

Don’t forget to get a T-shirt for remembrance and ego-boosting showing off.

Really, show off. Not everyone has the guts to fall from the sky like that.

PS: Your photos and videos are really dependent on who your instructor is. Amy’s was real good. Jordy really loves the camera!


Skydive Australia Facebook

Skydive Australia Official Website

Address: 14-16 Kent St, Rockingham WA 6168, Australia

TripAdvisor Reviews

Total Spent: Roughly RM1,500

Till then. ❤





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