Yep. Do emphasise just a little bit more on FINALLY. How long has it been since I came up with hashtags #bilanakkurus and #howtokurus on my Instagram post? 2016? I’ve probably been hanging about in the 70s since then! When I look back at my Fitbit app, sometime early 2016 I bought myself the Aria weighing scale. And my app only dates back to 2016 Feb-March. So yes. I have been in the 70s-kg since early 2016. WOW.

Truth is, I love to eat. And eating is emotional to me. It’s crazy. The amount of love I have for food is deep. I love to cook and I love to eat and it just goes downhill from there. It doesn’t help that I have PCOS and I gain weight easily. It doesn’t help that when you have PCOS you somewhat have an insatiable desire for sweet sex things. It doesn’t help when I love to travel and eat. Eating doesn’t have to be much, like in my case. It just has the wrong choice of food and the frequency of eating that can lead to obesity and how it led to me being overweight.

In November  2018 after I got back from Young Living’s contest trip to El Nido, Palawan, where I ate all the garlic rice & chicken wing to my heart’s content, I reached my heaviest weight ever. I as 76kg. I could really see how round I was getting, how horrible I looked in photos, how ZZ would look/follow/like skinny women, how buffalo heavy I felt and how I started to feel more tired and naturally, less attractive. Probably the reason why having sex was definitely non-existent in the last few months of my marriage too! #fucksex

The thought of losing weight and the desire to do so was always imminent in mind. I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT but the action never came. For me, it was an intense battle of the mind and the devil on my shoulder that actually led to why I never really took it seriously. It didn’t help either that the the entire of 2017 and 2018 were spent trying to get pregnant: injections, Clomid,  supplements, blood tests, IVF which failed in September 2017, Clomid again in 2018 and all that yoyo of meds in your blood doesn’t fair well with your weight, your mood swings, your emotions and even your sex life. I was already in so much pressure to get pregnant, I practically forgot about the losing weight part. In 2017, it was a choice of either doctorate or fertility treatments for me and I told ZZ I was choosing a baby over the title. (Oh, look I’m divorced now! #sacrificedownthedrain).

Early November, I decided to go on a self-researched 7-Day Detox of mainly veganism paired with Young Living products. Little did I realise, I actually loss weight faster and more effectively when I was vegan! It was a struggle indeed but I saw myself lose 4kgs that week. The detox was great for my digestive system, my self esteem and in weakening the devil. I had more energy, no cravings, no need for sugar as I supposed I was getting sufficient nutrients. A week later, I went to Australia and you can say I gained the weight back.

But it was a good start for me. I kept on having smoothies in Perth, ate less refined carbohydrates and more vegetables. You can say it kicked start the habit of making healthier choices – which made going back to it later much easier.

While in Australia, ZZ broke it to me that he wanted to sleep in separate rooms and the divorce was starting to be real at this point. He hasn’t said the ‘D’ word yet but with all that action about wanting to go about selling both houses and all, I knew it was happening. I spent my entire holiday house hunting – and I knew at this point, I had to lose weight or no one is gonna find me attractive anymore, LOL! I know for sure I want to date and marry again, helooooooooooo, I was born to be mom and housewife, so it was definitely a revamp plan for me! #kickass

So when I got back from Australia, it was going to be Plan Kurus by hook or by crook. However, that didn’t fair so well either as when I got back, I had to work, pack, find a place to stay, move etc and I didn’t quite seriously get on to Plan Kurus until January. That was when I really started working on it.

After Australia, I weighed 75kg. Sometime in January I was between 73-74kg on and off. I now weigh 70kg! Which is a huge deal, coz remember, I last saw that figure in 2016! *munches happily on low calorie popcorn*.

Its insane isn’t it? I was always busy and tied up with being mom, housewife and business woman that I had no time for myself. I was often busy trying to entertain clients and their questions and back then Daniel was home most of the time so I had to entertain him. This does not include a 3-storey house worth of chores with a household who nearly can’t do anything for themselves. I wasn’t the perfect housewife. I got cleaners to come do the heavy work for me but still, I tried to keep things orderly while washing baby poop and packing up parcels and trying to do my own marketing. Hardly had time to even wax my underarms or go for a facial, can you imagine that life? All that for the family and I still ended up divorced! HAHAHA #syukurlahsisthurr

Anyways, my next blog is going to highlight how I loss the weight – via diet changes, Young Living and exercise. It really played with my mindset this one and when I saw results, it really got me pumping for more. I wanna write about it now but unfortunately, I have tons of chores to do today, sorry Love.

This week I’ll be paying a visit to Dr Aina’s clinic, Klinik Hana, to find out about the HCG Diet she will be sponsoring! As far as I know, the HCG diet is a very low calorie diet that requires you to take prescribed amounts of HCG hormones (the pregnancy) hormones for weight loss. What it actually does is to actually trick your body into thinking you are pregnant and it starts tapping on your abnormal fats for energy. Supposedly great in losing body fat, which is so essential for me right now. I can’t imagine the amount of will power needed for this, but surprisingly, testimonials said that there is little to no cravings or lethargy whatsoever. So, I’m really looking forward to test it out and lose the last few kilos, kick ass and convince The Crush he should be with me! LOL. #yessuchamanexist

Till my next post!

Next: How I Loss Weight With a Some Discipline: Diet, Exercise and a Little Plant Magic

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  1. I loveeeeeeeeee this! Can’t wait for the next post


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