How I loss Bloody 6kgs

[Updates: I’ve loss 10 kilos!]

Enam kilo je???? I can hear the haters already.

In my previous post I basically mentioned that I gradually loss the weight throughout November till now because of some unforeseen incidents and planned holidays. I only fully concentrated on losing weight some time in January. Six huge kilos is definitely something to celebrate as I have been in the 70s since 2016.

Ok, before I get deeper into what I actually did, I want to first put a disclaimer here. If you are going to try out my method, please do take note of your overall health and fitness level first. I am relatively active and have been eating clean, occasionally, so most of these aren’t new to me. However, if you have had a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits for the past years, is breastfeeding or is currently pregnant, do ask your family doctor for opinion. I am not a professional guru or dietician, so it may not be ideal for everyone.

My method of weight loss requires some sort of discipline, definitely. It isn’t a one pill, one supplement solution to losing the pounds, but rather one disciplined enough to follow and develop healthier habits and choices. This could be challenging for you. However, don’t give up and stay positive!



I’m going to start with this because this really is the most important part of weight loss. After all, abs are made in the kitchen, right?

This part is especially important in making sure you can choose healthy and keep it going for as long as possible. Between November 7-14th 2018, I did a couple of research and tested out my very own 7-Day Detox. It is just a method to cleanse, reduce on the bad and get the organs moving and working. Since it is a vegan cleanse, your bowels will start moving and eliminating the unnecessary. So no, it is not out there to make you shrink, its to get the habit going and the body working again. After which, you have to summon all your will power to continue making healthy choices until you reach your goal.




For 7 days, make yourself a smoothie. You can choose any kind of smoothie you like, provided that it is all made out of fresh, preservative free ingredients and the choice of milk you use isn’t dairy or loaded with sugar. One of the easiest way to make smoothies is to get that Oob mix in the photo up there, or chop up all your fruits and veges, ziplock em and chuck em in the freezer.

My typical smoothie would be pineapple, banana, apple, celery, soy or almond milk, a dash of ground flax seed as well as a green powder. You can Google and find so many simple smoothie recipes. Make a huge bottle and split it into Breakfast and Tea Time. Yes, have them both times in a day ESPECIALLY during tea coz you will be hungry for the first  3-4 days and is probably dying for toast, kuih or teh tarik.

Green Powder. Subjective. I like it because it adds more nutrients and minerals and some green powder like spirulina/chlorella are great in helping with cleansing, not just the bowel system but also skin!

First thing in the morning when you wake up, down a huge glass of water. If possible, 500ml mineral water bottle tu. If you can’t, try to drink at least more than you usually would. Water is really important when trying to cleanse and getting the systems to work. Wait maybe an hour or so then take your smoothie. If you are in a hurry, take the smoothie with you!




For lunch the keyword is RAW RAW RAW. Raw vegetables. Vegetables are high in nutrients, fibre, water and are low in calories. Which means you can have as much as you like sampai kenyang! My favorite choice for lunch is a Mediterranean salad consisting mainly of tomatoes (hate em…), cucumbers, onion, coriander, lemon and oil. Other favorite ingredients to this salads includes avocado, bell peppers, corn, zucchini (cooked!), feta cheese, chickpeas or olives. I even added grapes and steamed kale to mine! Baby spinach and salad leaves are also fine but it isn’t as filling or satisfying so do add some cucumbers or tomatoes too.

EASY: Buy those prepacked salad bowls and just bring oil and lemon juice from home.

The point is, you can make any salad you like PROVIDED it is purely vegan. Meaning, no eggs, no animal products INCLUDING cheese. Take note this is just for 7 days! TUJUH HARI saja kena tahan! So make whichever salad you like and think you can tahan and play around with it for a bit. And eat enough for yourself to kenyang. Raw veges require a lot of chewing and this is great in tricking your mind to be full.

NO PREPACKAGED SALAD DRESSINGS. None. No mayonnaise (do you know how unhealthy that is?), no Japanese sesame dressing, no thousand island or Italian nonsense. You are only allowed vinaigrette or the easiest, loads of lemon juice, salt and olive oil. That’s it. NOT EVEN HONEY!!




Dinner and lunch can be interchangeable to suit your schedule. But I very much prefer to eat solidly cooked food for dinner as I also need to stay full till morning. The best choice for dinner is a hearty soup. Here I made one of chickpeas (for protein), sweet potato (for complex carbs), spinach, carrots, tomatoes and bay leaf for flavor. There is little to no extra flavoring in it apart from cayenne pepper (torches fat!), onions, garlic, pepper and salt. It’s 100% dull and I ate it with loads of coriander and kimchi to survived.

Yes, Kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh is encouraged as probiotics and to improve your gut health. No Yakult or yoghurt for the first 7 days.

Now, let’s talk about alternatives. You can, and I encourage to have lentil soup instead. Paling malas kind of lentil soup, go get it from an Arab restaurant. Paling rajin, masak sendiri so you know what ingredients are in it. It is my favorite, very filling and high in protein.

Secondly, just eat 2 cups of steam vegetables. Three cups if you need to fill up. Lightly seasoned with salt and have it on the side with some kimchi, tomatoes and cucumbers. Avoid, as much as possible, seasoning your food with sauces that contain MSG. If you just cannot go without it, limit it to just a little bit.

I like to add tempeh to the list too. Lightly panfried with little olive oil. You can prep tempeh and keep it in the fridge for a couple of days kalau busy.

Try to prepare cooked vegetables fresh if possible. Broccoli, kale, kailan, bayam and baby spinach are my favorites but stay away from starchy ones like potato or just have it in small portions.

IMPORTANT. You need to drink as much water as possible (or required by your weight) throughout the seven days. MUST. Hopefully by day 2 or three you’d literally be pooping loads. That’s at least two kilos worth of junk in there hahaha!

Nak perut flat kan? Eat clean.

THAT MEANS no sugar, no processed food, no deli meat (bad bad bad), no dairy, no animal products or protein, no junk, no carbohydrates such as bread, biscuits, rice, pulut, oats, no quinoa or couscous OR generally anything that would make you bloat.


Tak sis. Sis pun survive, even buang 4kg tolak tepi. Now. This is just something you have to do for seven days. SEVEN DAYS. This is not a 28 Day Program. TUJUH HARI SAHAJA. If you feel you can go longer, WHY NOT! Go ahead. For a person like me who loves to makan so much, I couldn’t last 7 days eating like that. I had to switch it up a bit after.

So here’s when you will transition into regular, normal human being CLEAN EATING. Yes. You still cannot go back to hentam-ing teh tarik nasi lemak roti canai sesuka hati for breakfast. You can, but berpada-pada. But the most important thing to do after the 7-days is to make healthier choices.

Surviving After the Cleanse

Nasi lemak!! WRONG. You need to keep having smoothies as much as you can and as often as possible. However, you can choose to skip having it at tea time. You can also play around with having oats on the side. I don’t because milk (which is darn sedap with oats) don’t do well on my stomach.

For lunch, you can start adding animal protein – such as eggs or chicken BREAST. Limit red meat as much as possible. You can, but bukan selalu. Fish is a good choice – salmon, cod, tenggiri ke whatever. Just make sure it is panfried or baked with little olive oil.

So have salad for lunch or cooked vegetables (bukan masak lemak or tumis with aji!) with some protein. You can also start incorporating rice (preferably brown or basmathi or herba ponni!) BUT only 1/3 cup! Kalau boleh tahan, 4 tablespoons like I usually do! HAHAHA. Yes you just need to TASTE the rice for satisfaction purposes and not to kenyang. You need to kenyang sayur and protein!

Similarly for dinner too. Just remember you can eat and choose whatever you like and crave for but everything has to be in moderation. You want to eat KFC? Boleh! Makanlah seketul ayam and no chips or soft drinks and have loads of vegetables instead. No choice but to go for lunch with colleagues? Eat, tapi jangan makan semua. Meaning to say, you need to adjust your portion, choices of meal and frequency of doing so. Morning nasi lemak, lunch and dinner back to clean eating.

You need to anticipate when you are most likely to cheat (not out of choice but in unavoidable cases) and plan in advance. Tomorrow ada company dinner or mother-in-law nak masak, makan healthy for the rest of the week. Gitewwwwwww…

What to do kalau ada husband asshole and anak picky eater?

I’m very sorry to say, but this is really the hardest part about trying to lose weight, eating clean and in being consistent about it. Unless the entire household is cooperative, it will be your biggest struggle.

Most definitely I manage better now that I am single. And Daniel is a picky eating so I keep feeding him his favorites, which are pretty easy to prepare. Take note also of the fact that I work from home, so I have plenty of time to prepare my meals!

Your best option is to pre-plan couple of days in the week. The best is three days worth of lunch/dinner as I don’t think food should be kept longer than 3 days in the refrigerator (HACCP purposes) unless it is in the freezer. Or, cook your meals but tapau the family’s!



Naturally, being a Young Living Business Builder and Leader in my team, I would be using essential oils in my daily life. And I have been using a couple of favorites for supporting weight loss journey to pair with clean eating.

I need to apologise for not going into details for this part mainly due to compliance and P&P issues. But I also cannot get into details because I came up with the exact program in PDF form for my customers who are on this journey with me. And the only way you can get access to it is by purchasing some of the products from me. If you need to know more, do refer to your enroller or distributor you purchased from. The method of using is general and they should be able to guide you as well.

What are these products for? Mainly to help support the sudden drop in calorie intake and unhealthy food choices. We will most likely be going crazy at that point and having withdrawal symptoms from being used to sugar, salt, preservatives and delicious teh tarik. These products are to keep you sane, especially when you are doubting yourself and starting to think you’re going bollocks from all the food hallucinations.

Cel-lite Magic Massage Oil is suppose to aid in improving circulation and elimination of toxins from the body. I also find it is helpful in reducing loose skin – which can or can’t be avoided for some people. So be extremely rajin with this on.

Products I used:

  1. Weight Loss Trio – Grapefruit, Peppermint, Lemon
  2. Ocotea Essential Oil
  3. Cel-lite Magic Massage Oil
  4. Digize Essential Oil Blend
  5. Lemongrass Essential Oil
  6. Ginger Essential Oil
  7. Geranium Essential Oil
  8. Joy, Highest Potential and Motivation (mainly to support emotionally)
  9. Ningxia Red
  10. Slique Tea (occasionally)



For the first seven days, I did not exercise. I only started exercising when I was eating more, especially when I started on eggs. This is because the added protein is needed for energy and building muscles.

Once I started getting a hang of the diet and reduced in calorie intake, I started doing simple exercises to help me sweat more and to get the muscles working. Here are a few Youtube favorites that are quick, won’t take forever to finish and is super effective.

30 Min HIIT Cardio  I started with this and do this a lot! It gets you pump and dead by the end of the workout but most importantly, I love how it makes all my muscles sore so I know it is somewhat working!

30 Min HIIT Cardio 2

7-min Tabata kalau ko busy sangat

My ultimate favorite is the Beachbody workouts! Especially Insanity Workout! I particular love Plyometrics Cardio Circuit and Cardio Power & Resistance. But these workouts can be a little too taxing on the body if you have not been working out for a long time. Take note that I can walk/jog for 21km non-stop if I want a medal so I’m not actually from a sedentary life.

Household chores is also a workout. Chasing your kids is also a workout. But your body is probably used to it by now. If you feel like you are relatively active already, you need to step up and do a little bit more to shock the body a little to see results.

Walking more each day can be a good start too. So try to add as much activity as possible to get the sweat and circulation going.

I now try to swim for at least 30 mins 5-6 times a week and on days that I can’t jump in the pool, I do light exercises at home. I thoroughly fear loose skin, so I tend to concentrate on glute/thigh workouts, tricep dips, planking and pushups. One of the reasons why I love swimming is because it helps me tone muscles too! Especially the back, inner thigh and core, hence I do less weight training than one normally should.

I usually workout in the morning after I have my smoothie. After my workout, I will down two half boiled eggs. I hate eggs and half boiled are the easiest to finish, two-three slurps and I’m done. I hate having them hard boiled the most, because it requires so much chewing and I think I will slowly die. The eggs, however, are great for muscle recovery and protein. It is also loaded with loads of Vitamin B, which ladies, is great for hair, skin and nails. I also take them whole, with the yolk. Why? I am practically not only on a low calorie diet, but also a low carb diet. Similar to the concept of a keto diet, we are trying to use up fat as energy and not carbs.



If you feel sluggish and lethargic and it has been hard for you to lose weight, consider going for a lymphatic drainage massage. Our lymph, which is like a filter of toxins of some sorts, can help eliminate and support  your weight loss journey. Symptoms of a sluggish or blocked system are: fatigue, water retention, puffiness, bloating, sinus, skin issues, headaches, swollen glands – and ultimate lymphoma. I find it very much affects the immune system and ability for our bodies to detox and eliminate effectively.

These massages can help to get the lymph going, thus, you will notice you sweat better too. Usually, lymphatic massages are paired with sauna/steam sessions to help you sweat it all out.

My favorite (and had been to going for years) is Perfect Skin Management in IOI Boulevard Puchong. I can’t quite advice on the price as I purchased it last year in 20 sessions. Do just pay them a visit for a trial session, or just search on FAVE app for any promotions from other places.



This is a method that I used, by accident. I usually chug down water & essential oils in the morning then send Daniel to school. I won’t have breakfast until after 9 or 10am.

And coincidentally I try to feed Daniel early around 5.30pm to 6. So indirectly, my meals are always around the 8 hour mark thought it is not consistent everyday. Intermittent fasting works and paired with a lower than usual calorie diet, you would see results for sure.

I have loss close to 6 kgs now doing all these. The 7-Day program first then slowly transitioning into cleaner eating and then, exercise. And now that I may be starting on the HCG diet, the meal plan doesn’t scare me as much as I have been eating relatively strict for the past 3-4 weeks. I can’t wait to loose the remaining 6-8kgs! Inshallah!

It is really hard when you don’t have support from people around you. My mom is extremely supportive (Mum: You must lose some weight, girl, otherwise how to find men? *eye roll*) and my friends are generally trying to lose weight too. So, yes, senang. My YL Team Mishael is also having an inner challenge among ourselves. The fortnightly compulsory weigh-in report is extremely encouraging. When we see team members show results, kita pun takmo kalah! So yes, thank you for all these wonderful people!

If your friends and family are not supportive, tolak tepi please. People who don’t support your goals or dreams are just shit toxic. We don’t need people like this in our lives. If they joke, make fun of or even tell you that you are just a kill joy, tell these idiots to get lost. If your husband is an ass about it too, buang dalam tong sampah please.

My goal right now is just another 6-8kgs, and better still, to reduce my body fat. It is still quite high. After I lose the weight, I want to aim building a little bit more muscles to tone up certain areas. That’s just a plan for now!

Leave comments if you have more questions or you can drop me a message on Instagram too. Don’t forget to follow my blog or subscribe to updates via email so you won’t miss a post ever again!

Meanwhile, to more weight loss, healthily. Good luck!



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