For the hundredth time in my life, I am at a crossroad. The junction of where I do not know which path I should choose. Neither is easy, neither is going to soothe. Neither could probably lead me to where I long to be.

How do you bring yourself to think straight when your mind is clouded by all the preconceptions, the prejudice, the memories, the thoughts, the needs, the wants. Trapped. Just the same continuous, endless, monotonous journey. The same old thing again. Same old, same old.

I can’t think straight. I know my heart is screaming for me to let loose, to let go, to just move, run, jump, LEAP! And take the next step, the path to boundless, infinite delight. But… I can’t seem to move….my feet….farther.

Oh, how do I know if this is for me?

I’m trapped.

I no longer remember how it is anymore.

I no longer believe in it.

That someone would actually truly, want me.

For me.



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