About Me

I’m 30, a Malaysian of mix parentage. I’m a single, stay-at-home-mum to one monkey-baby and I’m a full time entrepreneur, I’m a leader in a multi-national network marketing empire. I believe in plant magic, toxic free living (as much as possible) and quality time.

I was recently divorced from a seven year marriage and I have never been happier and stronger than ever.

I want to live for me: I want to travel, and eat, and NEVER get fat. To be free, happy and well, loved and appreciated. That’s all I want in life.

If you wish to contact me, do drop me an email at mishaellee@icloud.com or simply follow me on Instagram at @leemishael or my business page at @thedailydiffuse @thebebebegood. ❤

Facebook Page: Mishael Lee

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