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I’ve been wanting to make kimchi for ages and I finally found the red chilli flakes today at Jaya Grocer! Every single time I visit these supermarkets (Village Grocer, Urban Fresh, Cold Storage) the only have the powder; so I’ve been putting this off for ages. Until today! I took Honeysuckle Catering’s recipe from Youtube. […]


I was in a foul mood today and I did not want to do anything housework (which I did eventually FML) when I came across Nyonya Cooking’s Youtube page with all her wonderful recipes! There and then I decided that I wanted to make something to eat instead. When I read the recipe, I practically […]

Homemade Soba Noodles

I decided to make a simple dish of hot, soba noodles today for my lunch. I’m actually a big fan of soba, especially cold, Cha Soba! There are times where I would just want to have a big plate of cold soba and nothing else. Here’s the really simple recipe and how to get it […]

Manicai Bee Hoon

Manicai or also known as pucuk manis (cangkuk manis to Sarawakians), ┬áhas always been my favorite vegetable. My father had always planted this wherever we live, from Muar to Kuching to Ipoh, so I had an abundance of this to eat whenever I get home. Mani cai is typically fried with egg and eaten with […]

Flour-less & Sugar Free Banana Pancake

If you know me well, you’d know I’ve the capabality to cook without having exact measurements. I guess that’s just the old school way – when you ask mum the exact amount of curry powder or sugar to be added to the curry chicken, she’ll just say “agak-agak” (estimate). I’ll do the same, most likely […]